The CereSoft platform provides a complete revenue cycle transformation for your healthcare organization. The MedAR’s financial management On-Line Navigation system will reduce the hours required to process manual posting to billing systems, denial processing days, manual keying of transactions and time required in balancing. MedAR On-line Navigation System allows the provider to view any electronic document with a single touch. CereSoft’s great references, functionality, and ability to turn the paper processing in less than 24 hours allows us to be the fastest growing healthcare revenue cycle services company in the United States.

Total Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solutions
CereSoft provides Claims presentment to the payer gateway and accepts both ERAs and Paper EOBs for processing. We will match and balance that information with ACH/EFT payments and paper checks. CereSoft’s online portal processes both co-pays and patient pays, which are integrated into the CereSoft Desktop Navigation System. We provide a SingleTOUCH Methodology under a SingleVIEW.

12 Step Healthcare Revenue A/R Day Reduction Plan (5 to 15 Days)
CereSoft provides an innovative approach in reducing the healthcare revenue A/R days from a range of 5 to 15 days with it unique 12 STEP Plan. The 12 STEP A/R Reduction Plan touches all areas of the revenue cycle to ensure the maximum number of days reduced.

Innovative Un-applied Cash/Re-association Business Model
A big area of concern at any provider’s office is managing unapplied cash in a timely manner. CereSoft uses cutting edge technology to convert this traditionally manual process to a digital one.

Healthcare Denial Management Solution
At the heart of any great A/R system is a robust denial management strategy to track down money for collection. Workdesk are created to manage the day to day workings of denials with detail tracking of denials and employee productivity.

SingleTOUCH Healthcare MEDAR Desktop Navigation
CereSoft’s MedAR Desktop Navigation System gives the provider the ability to view all of their revenue cycle information without the need for external searches.

CerePay providing a Single Source for all Patient Payments
CereSoft offers multiple streams of payments methods from walk-up, online and mobile payments to offer the healthcare provider patient an easier way to make payments. CereSoft offers both On-line Bill Presentment combine with Print Mail to provide a complete payment presentment service.

CereSoft provides a process to eliminate manual sorting and delivery of non-financial correspondences to employees without human touch.

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